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First things first

First you got to get the parts. I ordered my stuff from and shipping was super fast along with getting everything that I need for a great price.

What you will need

  • 4.3″ Rear View Monitor
  • 360 Degree Rotation Camera
  • Electrical Tape
  • Dremel
  • Power Drill
  • Heat Shrink
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Wire Stripper
  • L Bracket with single hole
  • Most important cold beer
  • Spare same color undertail (optional just incase you mess up drilling)


Step One

You will need to take apart the back of the monitor to be able to dremel the holes in order to mount the L-Bracket. Bend the L-Bracket to the angle you will need, and I just went to home depot and picked up some inch long sleeves and long enough bolts to reach through them. I then took a whiz wheel to cut the excess off the bolts.


Step Two

Next is the drilling on the bike part

The camera should come with a drill bit that you use to drill the hole. So next step is to measure where the tail will be flat enough to mount your camera, now you dont have to go with the camera I suggest you can go with a license plate mounted one so you dont need to drill. But me I like things to be hidden and clean looking, so I drilled the hole in a spare undertail I had.


Leave the lock nut on the back loose so you can adjust the camera angle once you get everything hooked up.


Step Three

Next I ran the wires that come with the kit through the tail section along side the frame and up the already existing wire loom going to the front of the bike, you are going to have to lift the take to run it through engine compartment along the frame and also take the seat off. I then wired the screen to the parking light on the left hand side of the bike as I wanted the screen and camera to turn on/off when I turned the bike on and off instead of running a switch. Red to red and black to black on the wires its pretty self explanatory. Heat shrink or electrical tape the connections up.


Next is to mount up the monitor which was super easy on my 06 Suzuki GSXR-1000 as the bold that holds the headlight to the front fairing was in the perfect spot and long enough to allow this.



Final Step

The Moment of truth

Aright alright alright things work. Now you can go ahead and tighten up the rear camera lock nut and clean up.


First things first

Woodcraft case covers are obviously what you will need, but here is how to install them on a 06 Suzuki GSXR-1000.

What You will need

  • Woodcraft Case Covers
  • Gasket Maker (I used YamaLube). The kit comes with gaskets this is only to place where the motor housing meets together.
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Flat Head Screw Drive

Step One

Take the covers out of the box and use recommended blue loctite to the bolts that hold in the sliders. While your disassembling things the loctite should set. You will then need to take off the fairings or if your lazy loosen them and hold them out of the way. Then grab your allen wrenches as Woodcraft supplies you them with the kits, and simply loosen the bolts. Right hand side of the bike is the easy side so we will do that first and just loosen the three bolts holding the cover up, dont worry the cover stays put and all you need to do is simply put the case cover over it and place the bolts. Now dont go all incredible hulk on them a simple tighten then quarter turn should do. Or you can read the instructions woodcraft supplies and use a torque wrench. Use your own personal preference.



Step Two

Move on over to the left side of the bike. First find the plug for the stator and unplug it from the main harness. Loosen all the bolts and remember where they go. I took the box I got the covers in and did this to remember.


Once you got all the bolts out this is where the flathead comes in handy. Dont go jabbing into the housing, you should see a couple tabs that you can simply angle the flathead in parallel with the motor and pull outward to loosen the cover. Its going to take some force to do this as you not only break away the cover, but you will also need to pull it off the rest of the way as it is held in with a magnet. Once the cover is off you will need to swap the stator to the new cover. Its held in by three bolts mine took a little bit of force to get out.



Step Three

Place the stator in new cover and apply blue locktite to the bolts and torque to specs. Reassembly of the stator cover just simply align the dowels and make sure the gasket is on correctly then let the magnet suck the cover back on. Watch your fingers it will pinch your fingers if your not careful. After that just tighten the bolts to spec and plug the stator back in.


But wait there’s more

It looks better yes but something is missing. It just so happened I ordered the pro-bolt engine kit for my bike when I ordered my case covers.


Here is the final result. Mmmmmmmmm so nice.